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Roche cervical cancer portfolio

Manage women with care and provide them the protection they deserve using the Roche Cervical Cancer Portfolio

The Roche Cervical Cancer Portfolio is designed to detect the strongest indicators of disease in all women, of any screening age. Our products equip healthcare providers with the tools they need to rapidly and accurately screen women, provide clear answers to your patients, triage results immediately for optimal HPV risk stratification, and be confident in the test results that drive decisions around follow-up care.

Driven by our legacy of discovery, we focus on the science behind cervical cancer to develop technology proven to help identify women at risk of cervical cancer earlier and give doctors and technologists precise information. The result? Women relying on you are provided with the best cervical cancer prevention and care they deserve.

The entire Roche Cervical Cancer Portfolio means less risk of missed disease, or potential over- or under-treatment. Clinicians get more information, to make the right decision at the right time for their patients.

The Roche Cervical Cancer Portfolio is the comprehensive solution to screen, triage, and diagnose cervical disease.

Roche cervical cancer tests detect the strongest indicators of disease in all women, of every age. The Roche Cervical Cancer Portfolio simplifies patient screening, triage, and diagnosis–allowing you to find disease earlier, provide clearer answers quicker, and increase certainty of results. Furthermore, our emphasis on efficiency, accuracy, and objectivity minimizes the need for unnecessary procedures that are invasive for patients and take up valuable time and resources. With the Roche Cervical Cancer Portfolio, women get the right information at the right time for optimal health management.

HPV and Cervical Cancer


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